The Chesapeake Council leads, participates and encourages Fly Fishing Education programs at many levels to further the interest and skills required to become a successful fly fisher. These programs may be found at Fly Fishing Shows and Festivals held within the region as well as supported local club events.

Examples of these programs include:

  • Casting classes
  • Fly Tying classes
  • Casting Competitions
  • Fly Fishing Camp

FFI Certified Instructor Program

In order to provide competent and qualified instructors’ through-out the region, the CC supports the FFI Certified Casting Instructor and Master Casting Instructor Certification program.

Why become certified? The certified casting instructor program provides a path that leads a candidate through a variety of fly fishing techniques and situations that improve the casting and teaching proficiency of the potential instructor. The program stresses teaching techniques so that the candidate is not only an accomplished fly fisherman; but, also becomes an excellent instructor. Mentors for those who may want to pursue the FFI CI or MCI certification(s) are available through members of the Chesapeake Council.

  • Certified Casting Instructor (CI) and Master Casting Instruction & Mentoring
  • Certified Casting Instructor (CI) pre-certification Workshops
  • Certified Casting Instructor (CI) and Master Casting Instructor Testing
  • Continuing Education Programs for CI’s and MCI’s

The Chesapeake Council also works as a group and as individuals to support IFFF Charter and Affiliate Clubs that need assistance with Fly Casting and Tying programs. Contact the CC VP of Education or any member of the Board of Directors if your club needs assistance.

FFI Loaner Equipment Program

The FFI loaner program provides rods, reels, fly tying vises and tying materials to IFFF Affiliate Clubs throughout the nation. Chesapeake Council Affiliate Clubs can use the equipment for educational programs that may ultimately produce the fly fishers and conservationists of the future.

Any CC Affiliate Club that needs to borrow equipment should contact the FFI Office with the specific dates of their program and the approximate quantity of equipment requested. Equipment quantities are limited and it is important to apply for loaned equipment early.